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Minute Road by moimoivain Minute Road by moimoivain
This is my entry for Seventh Sanctum's ([link]) contest called Anime Mania.

Here's what I had to do:


Go to the Anime Title Generator and generate titles until you find ones you like

Now when you design your little piece of memorabilia, you also want to give us a summary of the anime:
The year it was made, and any interesting stories about its creation.
A description of the plot and characters.
Any other extra detail to make it more believable!


My generated anime title was Minute Road and this is the result:

- NAME: Minute Road
- GENRE: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Slice of life
- ORIGINAL RUN: 1981-1982


"Whatever you ever decide in your life, give yourself one minute to listen to your heart and follow its advice. Stay in your decision and it will lead you to the real happiness."

The war has ended and an orphan called Aina returns back home to Octavia City. In a harbour she waits for her mother who never appears. Taken to a orpahange Aina meets a boy called Rio and together they decide to follow a minute road: an ideology which leads to happiness.
The tragedy begins when the children are separated from each other. Aina is alone again but she firmly decides to follow the minute road. During the following years Aina trusts in her intuition making mostly good choices, meeting new friends, and getting into adventures. In the end it leads her back to the place she trusted once and to the person she cared about more than anything else...


AINA (The Protagonist)
- A determined and cheerful girl who doesn't give up easily.
- Looks: Long, red hair. Soulful eyes, slight freckles.
- The last step in the minute road is Aina's decision of returning to Octavia City.
- A couple years later after leaving the orphanage, while wandering around a city with Élodie, Aina notices a woman in the middle of a crowd and recognizes her mother holding a small girl in the arms. The woman doesn’t notice Aina.

RIO (Aina's friend)
- An orphan who finds the new path of his life from the minute road. Adores Aina as she was his big sister.
- Looks: Curly, dark hair. Tanned skin, dark eyes.
- In the end of the series Aina meets Rio again: "In front of the orphanage's gates there stands a handsome young man watching the house which was once his home. Aina stops walking and for a moment they look at each other. Slightly smiling they understand: 'This is the end of the minute road'."

JAEL (Aina’s boyfriend)
- An attractive young man who enjoys social life and friends.
- Looks: Straight, ash blonde hair. Bluish, grey eyes.
- In the end of the series Aina finds out that Jael has played with her emotions and betrayed her. The whole school knows the situation and forces Aina to return to Octavia City.

ÉLODIE (Aina’s friend from the school)
- Numerous admirers are after this timid but sweet violinist.
- Looks: Long, straight, and brown hair ending in curls. Thick bangs.
- Much before betraying Aina, Jael tries on Élodie. Élodie says that she'll tell Aina if he doesn't stop: she doesn't want to break their relationship. Jael stops but after betraying later again Élodie feels guilty that she didn't tell Aina earlier.

DANIEL (Aina’s friend from the school. Élodie's twin brother)
- A caring young man who stays by his twin sister's side.
- Looks: Straight, brown hair ending in slight curls.
- In some episodes it is indirectly suggested that Daniel would have a small crush on Aina. However, it never develops into anything.
KuroBllack Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Keflavik Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Professional Filmographer
Wow, you put so many details into the storyline.
persephone-the-fish Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
Pretty . . . I love your use of texture!
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